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HSThey say parenthood is the greatest journey in life. My special journey began when my son, the bouncy and ever happy Pranay was born. The corporate world lost all lustre, and I found myself searching for something more meaningful. Just after Pranay turned two, I took the plunge and left the corporate world.

My little one and I

My little one and I

I soon discovered just how passionate I am about children, and how important our role as parents is. We are here to create a space which enables their very own special personalities to unfold, allowing their minds to explore and grow.  And often the most powerful way in which this occurs is through play.

We want our kids to have quality experiences that nurture their young imagination and encourage exploration, creativity yet still being fun and enjoyable. While technology has its place in ever evolving digital-era, too often parents use these devices as a quick-fix to keep kids busy for long periods of time, without realising the negative impacts on diminishing the child’s innate need to explore and enquire. 

Hello Shongololo  is a range of activity boxes created to facilitate quality time with parents and their children. Parents who are, in particular, ever so often caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life finding little time to nurture relationships with their little ones. Some activities are created for parents and children to do together encouraging bonding, while other activities encourage the child to go with their own instincts and initiative, thereby stimulating their minds and building confidence in making decisions/choices.

Shongololo is a curious millipede, who spends his days going from one adventure to the next.  We invite you and your loved ones to share in his love for adventurous expeditions.  Let Shongololo with his ‘millionaire’ attitude show you to new corners of your imagination and watch the creativity unfold.

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