April Newsletter – Happy Holidays!

Alas, our first newsletter; one of many firsts on this new and exciting journey… What an adventure it has been! The school holidays are upon us and for some, myself included this may seem daunting. Do you ever wonder how best to keep your kids occupied and entertained during the coming weeks? My little boy has been on holiday for a week now and it’s been lots of fun, not just for him, but for me too. We experimented with making homemade slime, colourful play dough cookies, gooey mud cakes and at the end of the day, watched some TV too.

I met with my girlfriends today without our cohort of kids. An afternoon of giggles, laughs, nostalgic banter and happy moments, without little puppies nipping at our ankles. I was in hysterics when one of the mums mentioned that her time spent doing the dishes was therapeutic for her, merely because she finally had a few moments alone with her thoughts. All this made me come to the realisation that whilst holidays are a great time for bonding with one on one time together, excluding the pressures of daily life; that time out is just as important for a parents’ wellbeing. Essentially it makes us better parents. And in being better parents, we are more conscious in our time spent with our kids and are inclined towards making the time with our children fun and engaging. It’s essentially a domino effect and you get to choose how the dominos fall. Take care of yourself and you will be able to take care of your family.  

Two very important things to remember these holidays:

1. Recharging your batteries will keep you in charge this holiday. Not just of your kids but yourself, work and of your family’s state of being, which, let’s be honest tends to be in our hands on most days! 

2. You don’t have to do it alone: get a Hello Shongololo activity box. The boxes are designed to facilitate time between parent and child in a fun and engaging manner. It’s a win-win if you ask me!

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