December 2017 Newsletter

And with the blink of an eye, the year is over! Reflecting back its been an incredible one!
Some highlights include Hello Shongololo turning ONE, some amazing reviews received from various sources and most importantly, the ongoing positive feedback from our clients. This is the difference we want to make, bringing smiles to children’s faces!

A great end to the year and beginning of all that is fun and merry! As we prepare for the festive season, many parents find this time a little challenging. Keeping the little ones busy for days on end can be tough and in a selfish effort to help myself as well as the greater good, I asked my mum friends for their tips on scintillating holiday-break activities for kids.

  • Use chalk to allow your budding artists to create masterpieces outdoors using coloured chalks – ideal for small gardens.
  • Let your kids loose on your wardrobe. Children love dress up!
  • Bake! And let them lick their fingers!
  • Incorporate soft adventure and physical activity into every day .Kids need this to remain centred and happy.
  • Organise a trip to the zoo or rhino & lion. Take a picnic, visit the animals and have a fun family day out.
  • Blow up balloons and chase them around the house or garden. The same can be done with water balloons!
  • Organise some water play activities. Kids love playing with water! Load them up with water balloons, run through the sprinklers, shoot each other with water guns, and slide around on slippery plastic.
  • Take the kids to feed the ducks.
  • Allow kids to have fun and make a collage. Use old magazines, leaves, paper and anything you can lay your hands on to build a work of art and put it in a frame.
  • Hunt for bugs, goggos and shongololos in the garden or at your local park.
  • Play at the park. Get the family together and go to a park just to play! Play on the playground equipment or take your own outdoor toys. Make a day of it and take a picnic too.
  • Go to the library. Go to your local library and choose story books together to read at bedtime.
  • Go to the movies. Once in a while it is fun to see a movie on the big screen with a special treat of a big bucket of popcorn. Or how about setting up a movie night at home?
  • Get a Hello Shongololo activity box, it’s packed with hours of fun activities to keep the little ones busy and facilitate lovely bonding time between parents and children.

Good luck parents! You can do it! With that, I’d like to leave you with this wonderful note to share with your little ones.

Anything Is Possible 
There is something incredible inside of you.
It’s the power to make all your
dreams come true.
So imagine, believe, and Let your dreams free.
There is no limit to what you can do or be.
Deepak Chopra
Season’s greetings to all and have a happy, merry and safe festive period.

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