January Newsletter: Here’s to new beginnings….

We are almost 3 weeks into the new year and I hope you are all embracing 2018, perhaps carrying a few extra grams (*wink*.) The kids are finally back at school and the mums are doing a happy dance! With routines being the order of the day, a happy and comforting norm can once again be achieved.

To make the morning routine a little smoother, below are some tips:

  • Start the night before! Let the kids pick out their clothes the night before at their own leisure. Pack backpacks and if possible, items that make up lunches; showers and baths the night before could also be soothing.
  • Give your children calm, clear instructions about what you want them to do, and be sure to praise their cooperation Simple charts will help to remind younger children of what they’re meant to be doing and when.
  • Cut down on distractions like television, tablets and other devices.
  • Try not to give your children extra attention for arguing, whining or stalling. Even negative attention is an incentive for them to keep going with this behaviour.
  • Set a timer! Use a timer for tasks that seem to take particularly long for kids. Set a reasonable time limit, and announce that the task must be complete when the timer goes off.

We’re crushing on all the innovative lunch box ideas that are out there. Have a look at Niqi on Instagram, handle @naqiya_mayet! Her lunchbox ideas are nutritious, balanced and absolutely fabulous!


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